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You’re never too big to be a lapdog.

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2012, day 111.

Fido & Friends Walk. Redondo Beach.

More snow shots. Dogs in the snow. Highgate Wood.

A little belated, I suppose. Went home for a few days a couple of weekends ago when no one was really in town or free to hang out. I ended up hanging out at the house most of the time, working on homework (Excitement!). 

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Another weekend spent at home eating out far too much, running through snow and exploring abandoned buildings, and hangin’ out with the whole mini farm. 

Headed out on Friday afternoon to, surprise, some Vegas traffic in the rain.

But hey, if I get some Denny’s at the end of it, I certainly can’t complain too much.

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Last weekend of winter break, so I took a trip home since time allowed.

Spent Friday night exploring the cemetery and the Harvey House, because it’s Barstow and what else are you supposed to do?

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2011, day 23. 

Smoky and Betsy.

It’s finally come down to the last couple of days of the year. Before I get into my year’s end post, however, I’ve got one final recap to do on my last trip home for the year.

I would also like to make a brief mention that Ami and I met up in Downey to help decorate a float for the Rose Parade this year. I was only there for maybe about 3 hours before we decided to head out. The early part of the morning was occupied with filling up little plastic vials with water so that the flowers could later be inserted into them for freshkeeping. I was later moved on to the job of applying seeds to a pillar, one by one, filling in any white spaces that were missed when the seeds were initially glued on. Talk about throwing my OCD into overdrive.

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Nothing like going home for 6 hours. Literally. Day after Thanksgiving after some early morning Black Friday shopping. A 2+ hour drive is obviously a great idea on too little sleep, but, home is home and I’ll take what I can get - particularly when a fireplace and my favorite pup are included.

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When people realize that you take photos, they’re obviously going to want you to take photos of them at some point. Well, okay. But, here’s the thing, I don’t treat myself as a professional photographer. I don’t own all sorts of lighting contraptions or even that flash fill for my camera itself. I don’t pose people and stare menacingly at them through a lens, instructing them to look a certain direction or act in a certain matter before I click the shutter button.

I document things. 
This is why I take photos of animals (who really feels that invasive taking photos of their dogs anyway?), of landscapes, of architecture, and particularly of concerts (where the band members are already preoccupied in their performances and expect photographs without any extra work on this part). 

But here comes the call for wedding photos and this is what we’re left with. I certainly didn’t pose anyone and did my best not to intrude in anyone’s space, without any real guarantee of how anything would come out. Granted, the shadows killed some shots, but, here’s what we’ve got from a couple days back home with my favorite pup, a brilliant desert sunrise, a 50’s diner wedding ceremony, and a quick stop to a local Route 66 museum.

Some time spent at home on Friday afternoon prior to some pre-wedding ceremony stuff at Calico and a rehearsal dinner (pizzaaaa!) at Peggy Sue’s:

Gigi’s gettin’ bigger!

And my favorite 3-legged pup!

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